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Accepted the order by mistake. What to expect?


I need your advice please.
Have ordered a full package: logo, stationery design, social media kit etc. The seller sent me the logo suggestions and after revising it a few times, she finally nailed it. I was so happy with that, that I pressed to accept the order (first time buyer), thinking that I needed to do it so that she knows I liked the logo and she can continue to complete the work. When the system took me to review her work I realize my mistake. I gave her a very good review, as I like the logo a lot. And then send her a message explaining the situation and that I hoped this would not cause any trouble to her delivering the final work. I also sent a message to the custom support to inform them about the situation and to ask what is to come after that.

It has been a day and a half and not response from any of them. Any ideas of what should I expect?
I will wait until Monday evening, as I do not expect her to work on the weekends. But I would like to hear from those who may know, how bad could be the outcome. Can she refuse to deliver because of my mistake?

Many thanks


Don’t make the mistake of accepting the order before the complete set is delivered. If you do that out of sympathy you will make everything that comes after it more difficult. It’s hard sometimes you like the talent, and you don’t want to cause troubles but the seller knows this process well. You can’t help her unless you end up harming your own interests.

I understand you already accepted the offer. First I suggest you do a google image reverse lookup to make sure the logo is original (which I believe it is) and just start a revision and explain in detail all of the it again in the revision request, that it is not just a revision but you expect a complete delivery which you have not yet received. As buyers we try to resolve issues without talking to CS but if it does get out of hand (e.g. no delivery in 5,6 days) your only choice is to discuss with CS for a solution.

In the worst situation (I hope it will not get to this) if the initial reply from CS is they can’t do anything, continue to escalate the issue until you get what you want. Sometimes they send a junior CS rep who just copy paste the term of service to you a few times and can not listen, understand, or solve the issue. you need to reach the senior CS reps

If I am not mistaken you have 3 days after accepting the offer to send revision and 13 days to cancel due to incomplete delivery. Check the ads again to make sure what is included in a complete delivery. Good luck!

P. S. I now learned to postpone the review after everything settles down and maybe wait another week just to be safe. When things go bad, the review and rating is your last weapon toward a malicious seller. Reversing/changing the review through CS may be possible but hard, so I would rather review only after I have a full complete picture of the entire order process and experience, and have time to think about it. Even if the system prompts you to write a review, you don’t have to do it right away. I could be wrong but within 30 days you can still complete the review. Hope that helps.

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It happened to me sometime as a seller plus i also got tip before even deliver the final work.
I then send updates and final project on inbox section
it’s best to wait for seller to send complete final work after modifications.

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Contact support ASAP and explain that it’s your first time buying here and you didn’t understand that accepting the delivery means complete the order.

Here’s a useful video and article for the future:

If you haven’t visited the Customer Support area yet, it’s an excellent source of info for all new users, as is having a read of the ToS:

Good luck! :sunny:

Thank you so much for taking the time and help me out. I will try to fix it and see what happens.

Have a great Sunday all of you!