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Accepting Credit Cards?

One of my buyer said that he can’t pay for my gig because I can’t accept credit cards, is this true? I’ve tried looking everywhere to change the settings but I can’t seem to find it.

Fiverr accept many different payment methods. I find it hard to believe they don’t accept his credit card.

I think, Fiverr has multiple payment methods?!!

he can pay with paypal

even when he doesn’t have paypal account ( i read this on paypal website )

personal experience

but never accept direct buys

your account will banned in fiverr read terms here

Fiverr only accepts PayPal. Explain to him though that he can use the PayPal system to pay with his credit card, without needing a PayPal account. He just needs to choose that option.

Wait, was this just a potential buyer that messaged you or did he actually order a gig? Because if he ordered the gig then he already paid for it.