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Accepting Deliveries after Modification Requests?

Hi there, I’m a new buyer and I bought art from a new seller. The seller was giving me five files but the delivery only had two of the five. I sent back a note asking for the other 3 files and he sent them. We’re both happy but see the job is “rejected” from me. I don’t recall “rejecting” and I don’t see how to accept it. There’s a tab where I can cancel it but there’s no reason to make matters worse! I just want to accept it, say the seller is great (he is) and move on. I’ve been through the help topics on Accepting Deliveries but I really can’t figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I don’t want a mistake I made (somehow) to make the seller look slow in delivery. He was fast. Thanks for your help!

You might have accidentally asked for a modification when you asked for 3 more files.

Just ask the seller to upload the files in delivery again so you can mark the order as complete.

He sent another file so I could accept it – but clearly I’m a dunce here. How can I mark the order complete when it says ‘cancelled’ ?

If I did ask for a mod–when he sent that additional file wouldn’t that have given met the chance to save it and do all the reviews, etc? It didn’t. :frowning:

I still don’t know why it said “cancelled” but the seller sent me a note with the download files again but this time he sent them from his computer not his phone. He states that he’d sent the file using his phone before and he thought that was the problem. I don’t know what changed other than that – but the last time was a charm and I was able to review give him 5 stars and all is good. :slight_smile:

Reply to @redbopeep: If it says cancelled and the work was done, something went really badly for the seller. It’s possible he misunderstood your modification request and was afraid you’d give him a bad rating so he gave you the material free. It’s also possible that Customer Support cancelled it, but they normally won’t do that without very good reason.

The last possibility is that when you thought you asked for a modification, you actually asked for a mutual cancellation. Again, if it was the last one the seller probably panicked and agreed to it. If the funds you spent were returned to your account then one of those must be true.

Can you ask the seller if he deliberately refunded you? If so and it was a mistake, you can always re-order, have him re-deliver, and complete it. Then you’ll be able to review him 5 stars and make sure he gets paid.