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Accepting delivery before the target was accomplished?

Hi all,

I ordered a GIG from a seller, and we agreed that she/he will bring 20 patrons to my Patreon page.

She/he didn’t not accomplish the target (0 patrons), but now she/he want me to accept the delivery.

The reason is that she/he need the funds for accomplish the results.

Is that fair?

Thanks for your opinion.

Your seller is wrong. You (the buyer) only accept delivery once the job is complete. If you did accept delivery now, you will probably never see your money again.

Also, there is something odd about the gig you ordered. I can’t recall the exact wording but there is something in the terms of service about sellers not being able to promise a result that is beyond their control. Other regulars might want to chip in here.

If a seller really was able to deliver 20 patreons (people that pay you money) we would all be rich. It is therefore likely to be a scam. I suspect once Fiverr are aware of the gig - they will remove it.


I did not accept the gig, for the same reason as you wrote @english_voice :
I’ll not see my money if the result is not accomplished.

The GIG itself was about promoting patreon page, but I asked the seller, if she/he can guarantee X number of patrons?
And she/he said: yes.
I also asked her/him to state this objective in the offer details as well.

I didn’t know / didn’t want to know how she/he wants to achieve that result, but we agreed on those terms. It’s a fair agreement for me.

I can easily reject the delivery and ask for a refund, but I want more.

These kind of sellers needs to be removed, because their offer can’t be trusted. They offer something that they can’t achieve.

I’m trying to be helpful rather than annoying - it doesn’t matter if you and the seller made an agreement, based on how you described the gig I think it breaches Fiverr’s terms of service (TOS). Therefore not only will the gig be removed when Fiverr find out about it (and they will eventually), but the seller will receive an account warning.

It’s a bit like sellers who advertise gigs promising a certain number of likes or page views - it’s all snake oil. The likes and page views delivered by such gigs are totally meaningless in that they’re not real engagement and the only reason a buyer can want these likes and page views is to falsely boost their presence in some way. Fiverr don’t like these gigs as they are all scam territory.

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In fact, there are tons of GIGs promoting X numbers of likes, followers, etc.

I researched that category well, and I can say that the majority uses blackhat techniques to grab followers (fakes or without interest).

It’s just sad Fiverr doesn’t verify the sellers more accurately.

Yes, there are. However, just because they exist doesn’t mean they are ‘legal’.

Fiverr do eventually remove gigs that breach the terms of service. Sometimes the removal can be instant, sometimes it can take days, weeks or even many months - but eventually they do get taken down one by one.

As a longterm forum user I can recall seeing many posts from sellers annoyed that their ‘successful gig’ with ‘X number of reviews’ has been taken down. It then emerges they were offering likes and page views etc.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do.


NO! That is ridiculous!

Also, I think a Gig such as theirs, “promising” to bring your Patreon account 20 subscribers is not allowed here. I think it would fall under the rule of not having a Gig where you promise a certain outcome, but have no control over that outcome.

I would definitely CANCEL. Did you get what you ordered? NOPE.


I request an order cancel, and Fiverr support reacted instantly and cancelled the order.

I just looked for another GIG, and I found another scam :slight_smile: Look below