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Accepting Jobs?

I am still new here so I guess I still don’t fully understand how Fiverr works.

Please explain to me how is it possible for a client to pay me and hire me BEFORE it even gives me the option to ACCEPT the job?

So I get an order for 500 words to translate over night, when I’m not even here (I translate up to 200 words for one gig price)

When I come back in the morning I see that I have only 10 hours to finish a job that I don’t even want to do since it is very underpaid.

I clearly advertised I would translate only up to 200 words for $5 and now I am forced to translate 500 words for $5?! no thanks! not going to do it. I have an option for a gig-extra set up on there for situations like this, but the client chose just the normal $5 gig and sent over his file for me to work on, without ever discussing with me or getting an answer from me.

Please explain how does it work here on the fiverr site. how to avoid situations like this? is it something in my settings that I need to change?

I am now stuck with an order that I refuse to work on for this shameful price. I never accepted this job. How is it allowed for a client to hire me like this, like a slave?!

I want to able to ACCEPT job offers just like any other job site, not be forced to do something at whatever price the client thinks! and what if I wasn’t here for 2 or 3 days? then what? I’m hired without even knowing, and can get a bad feedback without ever accepting a job? something’s fishy here.

As I mentioned I am new here so you guys that have been here longer, please explain how to work around this issue, thank you

Also how can I cancel this job that I never accepted now? There’s only the “mutual cancellation” thing but that does not work. and with all due respect it is not mutual whatsoever. the client hired me like a slave and I never accepted it in the first place. I had only good feedback thus far and I’m afraid this will damage my stats.
Thank you

Hi, there isn’t an option to accept an order or not, when you get the order the countdown clock starts the only way to stop it is to deliver or ask for a mutual cancellation.

If you have enough time after an order is submitted (more than 24 hours) then you should leave a message reminding them about the actual cost. In orders such as these, you should cancel right away with appropriate message and tell them to order again with the correct amount since you don’t have enough time to wait for the buyer to respond.
Never let an order run out of time. Adjust your delivery time accordingly if you’re not able to complete because of multiple orders.

I get these orders very often and people just assume that I will do everything for $5.
Because I get these too often, I have stopped believing that they order by mistake. They just hope that they will get it done for $5. If not then they cancel and may try the same with some other seller.
“A page full or artwork converted to vector for $5″. Uhh. No. I have other ways to suffer.

This is common for me with the vector gigs but not the programming gigs.

This is a tough one. My understanding is that cancellations have a negative impact on your overall ratings if it’s not mutual. Since you only have a few hours left you may not want to risk that.

What about translating the first 200 words since that’s what your Gig covers and delivering that? When you deliver explain that your Gig covers 200 words and their order far exceeded that. Tell them you will be glad to translate the remaining 300 words for the appropriate fee. Send them a custom offer for this amount. If that doesn’t work for them then you can both cancel.

Mutual cancellations do not harm your ratings so just ask politely for a mutual cancellation. Explain why as you told us here.

If you are not here for 2 or 3 days you need to set back your delivery time. Also, fiverr is really a site that works best if you look at your sales every day to see if anyone has ordered from you.
This is the internet and what happens is getting sales seven days a week 24 hours a day on it. It is the nature of internet sales.

Thanks for all the replies! much appreciated. I have learned a little from each one of you.
The matter was sorted eventually and the client ended up paying the extra gig needed.

This three times happened to me,

First a buyer buy my vectorize service, and send me a file with 19 image inside, then i talk to buyer and explains my service is 1 image for 1 professional vectorize.
He agree with my offer and then rebuy the 18 gigs rest which $95 value total (i’m happy he become my loyal buyer now).

Two, a buyer send me a project that for me require 2 gigs ($10), he only buy 1 gigs, i explain to him the price,. and we agree for deliver the result first. at the end he even give me a $10 tips :D. Total $15

Third, same as number two, i explain him too, and he give 1 more gigs.

Perhaps if we could talk to good about the service that we make with buyer, buyer will even give more :smiley:

I’m a translator too and once in a while I also get an order with the wrong word count (not very often). When that’s the case, I send a cancelation request as soon as possible, and tell them that I might send them a custom offer with the correct price and deadline if they’re ok with it.

As I offer 24h delivery, I use the Android Fiverr app so I get a message as soon as I have a new order. I also use an app in my phone to open Microsoft Word docs (WPS Office) that has word counting capability, so I can check if the word count is right as soon as I receive the order.

That’s what I was thinking. Its very good idea if your shirt on time. Also if you have the problem of running out of time, maybe extent your delivery times?

This is not like other sites where you “accept” a job, a customer can simply buy it. You can put a note clearly in your ad asking them to “Please contact me before ordering” though a few people still ignore it and buy anyway. You can simply do a mutual cancellation if they buy without talking to you first if it’s a problem for you.

However, what you need to do if time frame is concerned is figure out how much time you need to comfortable complete any orders and then change you delivery days to reflect that. So do not have a gig that says you will complete an order in 2 days, make it 4 days or something longer that works for you personally, and then delete any extras you have for 24 hour delivery time.

You aren’t understanding…no one hired you like a slave. YOu simply did not understand the rules of Fiverr before you started selling here. Can’t you do a straight refund or cancellation? Or just do it up this one time, get the job done and then adjust the other things I mentioned above for moving forward.

And what would happen if 10 people came and bought your regular gig of 200 words for $5 in one day anyway? That’s why you need to adjust your turnaround times to make your workflow work.

You did the right thing by communicating with the buyer and removing the misunderstanding. Also buyers can be new and have to learn how it works.