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Accepting Level One status... (For now)


I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for half a year now. I do my best to deliver early on my orders, keep my customers updated, and go the extra mile to make my products unique and top-drawer for my customers. I’ve made it to Level One…

And that was 5 1/2 months ago.

I’ve expanded my services, found ways to gives bonuses to even my most loyal customers, and tried followIng advice on the forums. The result? In my time spent as a seller on Fiverr, I’ve yet to make $250 USD.

To me, getting to Level Two is my albatross, and when I read Fiverr stories of sellers who made $250 in 1 month and even make Level Two in far less time relative to me, I can’t help but wonder what I’m doing wrong. It’s especially discouraging when these sellers are doing significantly less work than I do to earn that much (I’m a composer at a four-year university, and composing an engaging, memorable piece of music is creatively grueling compared to other gigs I see on Fiverr).

Depending on your skill set and available gigs, making 50 orders in 2 months (i.e. 60 consecutive days) could be easy, but for me, it’s a matter of chance. Will I ever become a Level Two seller, let alone a Top-Rated Seller? Probably not, but that’s not stopping me from being a seller on Fiverr. Even if I never reach that level, I can accept that. I’ll just keep grinding away. Who knows? Maybe I haven’t discovered something yet that can get me to Level Two. Until then, I continue to sell gigs in my rut known as Level One.

Perhaps I can convince you to order one of my gigs? :wink:


Hey :slight_smile: !

Just continue to deliver some great works and I’m sure that you will reach the next level soon. It takes some time to have the first orders but when you have them with great feedbacks, more other buyers will come for sure.

So just keep it up :slight_smile: !


I think it depends on how people/buyer needs the service/product you are offering. Like most buyers buy logo design & graphic stuffs more oftentimes for business. Hey! I just got my level 2 seller for being a member for 9 months. thats 200 orders… Just keep doing what you loved… and also open another gig for another opportunity…

Don’t Despair…


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level two is for losers level one is where it’s at baby… We get all the free coffee and Tea. We are sexier than those level two scabs. I wouldn’t worry about it… Do your thing and leave those level two sellers be. Oh Level two people tend to whine all the time too… :slight_smile: