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Accepting more than one offer/placing 2 orders for a request

Hi, if i post a request for some work (e.g. a logo), is it possible within that request to make orders for more than one logo…or once you make an order with one designer does the whole request shut down, making it impossible to place other orders?



You can post as many orders as you like (or as many as you can afford, since you’d be paying every designer you hire).

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You can simply message seller he will send you offer for two logo.

I mean for different sellers…so i can use logos of different sellers and product test them.

Thanks, i meant underneath the same order. I.e. using more than one designer who replies to that order.

It should be possible, yes.

Keep in mind that you can also contact sellers who sent you offers, discuss the task with them, and order from their gig page (or ask them to send you a custom offer).

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