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Accepting offers for gig


I have a certain $ amount to use on my account, and I need to add $ to accept an offer. If I accept the offer I am taken to the PayPal or credit card screen. How do I send the amount available to the seller once I accept the offer?


Does it tell you how much you need to pay? It is my understanding that you need to already have enough to cover the entire cost of the order in your account to use it.


Google is a great resource, isn’t it?


If the price of the gig you want to order is greater than the amount available in your account credit then, contact the seller and ask him/her to send you 2 invoices, one of the amounts you have in your account credit and another of the rest of the amount. :slight_smile:


Exactly as taverr said, Divide the order in two if the gig price is high than your fiverr balance. Lets say you have $30 fiverr balance and the gig you want to purchase is $40. Tell the seller to send you two custom offers of $30 and $10. first order the $30 one ( your fiverr balance would be used) and then the $10 ( from Paypal).