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Accepting Order and then Increase price

I have used Fiverr a few times and found a specific person and bought a gig and the process went great. Then yesterday I posted a request to have something different done and I got many replies back with varying prices. I checked a few reviews and picked one. I sent the person a few links of what I wanted and then he asked me to increase my budget. Now, the cost wasn’t hardly anything to begin with. And I have no way of knowing if the job he agreed to do will take 10 minutes or an hour. However, is it normal to accept an offer and then have them ask for the price to be raised?


I think it might depend on how specific your request was. I’ve often sent tentative quotes for buyers requests that I ended up increasing after learning the specific word count or some other detail.

If it was already very specific, then that’s a little more suspect.

I thought it was specific enough.

“I have a SWF animation. I would like a still image taken from the image and made into a png. Essentially I want to use the still image as a logo in marketing. I would also like the animation made into a video format that I can play on social media, like an MP4. The animation is approximately 8 seconds long.”

I don’t know, it was my first time putting in a request and doing an order that way. So maybe it is normal for people to start out low. I just didn’t know what to expect.

That seems pretty specific, although I’m also not in that niche. Did you ask the seller why they increased the price?

What was different about these “few links” to what was requested initially and why were they not in the initial request?
It seems these are the cause of the increased budget requirement.

No, I messaged him asking if he could do the work. Once he said he could, I paid and sent the links. I asked him to let me know if he could do it after looking it over and also if there was another way he wanted it sent where he could access the file. He never replied. He asked me to upgrade my budget. And I asked him to what and he gave me a price. I told him I wasn’t sure I was interested anymore. Then he told me he couldn’t access the file I sent so he was starting from scratch. But I was specific that I wanted something made from what I already had. And if he couldn’t open it, I am not sure how he would even know what to design. Which isn’t what I asked. It is just hard not knowing which person out of the countless amounts of them can do the job you want.

The link was to a SWF file, which I had explained was 8 seconds long. It was something I didn’t want to attach to the order and have a ton of people have access to it. I didn’t think it would matter exactly what the animation looked like. If it is normal to increase prices, that is fine. I wasn’t sure if that was protocol.

It is normal enough to increase prices if there is justification for it but I personally dont like the sound of this deal. Someone agreed to do something, then says he cant do it after you paid while asking for more money to do something different which is not what you asked for.
If it were me I would be backing away through a cancellation. If you are sure you have not changed or added anything to the request you can insist that you will not pay any more as they won the order on the basis of that price. However, with the lack of professionalism shown already, I would be doubtful you will get anything like what you want.

I also have no idea whether this is something that would take 5 minutes or hours so I have no idea of the correct pricing for it.

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That seems like a pretty simple job that could be done for $10-$15. If he’s asking for more than that, then I suggest you avoid that buyer and find someone else to do it.