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Access Denied? Can't get to Fiverr Anywhere

Anyone else getting this? It’s everywhere for me - App, browsers, all of my computers, even private mode. Really need to get back to some customers…


I think you accessing some specific page which have granted.

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Not sure what you mean, but I’m just going to from every possible location.

All good now - not sure what happened. I was down for 10 minutes.


could you please confirm it you was not using proxy?

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this is usually a trouble with the platform, dont worry, i ask one time to Support and its a trouble with IP package trafic (like, you enter but the package send it its confuse with otheer data package and dont let you enter)… simplifying

you enter, but fiverr think you are another person, and you cant enter to another person ID… thats the “real problem”

xD one time my gigs change to another person gig and i was kinda scared like 30 minutes, and then, he solved alone…

this usually happen when you use proxys or your internet its not faster… (my case slow internet)


I’ve just had this. Was in a conversation with a client who was unhappy and trying to resolve so I wondered if they temporarily banned me? I was down for about 10 minutes. Did you find out what the issue was?

I noticed this can happen when your Internet service is slow, those of us living in third world countries have to deal with it alot more often #Lol, can be frustrating but 9times out of 10 its nothing to worry about