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Access denied issue when open my fiverr account

When i try to open my fiverr than page show that access denied. what the problem.?

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Perhaps Fiverr has banned you from the site for rules violations. The only way to know why this is happen is to contact Customer Support and ask them. We, here on the forums, are not Customer Support. Only CS has the answer you seek, because only CS can help you with an account access issues.

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Hey, I’m so sorry to hear that, please try to get CS as soon as possible. :thinking:


i have sent message to cs

oky i already have face this issue this is second time and i sent message to customer support

Your account is here and it says recent delivery was one day ago so therefore there is no problem with your account.

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but i am enable to login my profile on my ip.

You must have violated any policy of Fiverr

I am facing this problem now.