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Access denied when trying to open my notifications

Suddenly I get an “Access denied” screen when trying to open my “Notifications” under “Messages” in any browser. Also tried to log out and in again. Didn’t help. I’m able to see my notifications via the Fiverr App, though. Strange…

Anybody else having this issue?



Same here. Is this a site wide issue?

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Same here. I think we must wait

Message > Notification > Order = Access denied

Same here. Guys, Did you have any solution?

I opened a ticket for this issue…


Yeah, same.

Yeah, I think that is a technical problem.
They will fix it.

It would be nice if they would keep us updated. I’ve orders on the clock!


Same here ! My heart beat went up when i saw that, i thought my account got blocked hahaha :smiley:


Is a technical problem (BUG)… Same here

I did too. I legitimately was about to go into cardiac arrest right now

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You should be able to access your orders as usual - at least for me it’s possible. Just not via notifications under messages.



Same here. I already reported it to CS.

Yes very true. I am experiencing same thing too. Simply click on your sellers page via Google Chrome or desktop then select ORDERS you will see a list of your orders (pending | completed | awaiting requirements | awaiting review | cancelled. For now pending Fiverr’s updates this could help us carry out our normal works. Its a normal issue that will be resolved shortly. There is little need to bug CS on this one.

same here but only on desktop. mobile is working fine.

I believe they solved it

is anybody already fix the issue?? i just get that problem right now.

The issue was fixed last time. And I am sure it will be fixed this time within 1 hour or less. it didn’t take a lot last time.

I sent a bug report to support. What an annoying issue! But at least orders can be accessed from to-do list, for example.

awh thanks for the information sir :slight_smile:

i was panic when i want to send my work to client and the i cant access from notification :frowning:

now i glad to know if this issues is not my fault as user, and im glad my account not get banned :slight_smile: