Access to facebook page has been blocked [RESOLVED]



Here these gigs links which are blocked for facebook:
I kindly to inform the fiverr team resolve the issue as soon as possible
So i can promote my gigs to Facebook again


If those links are blocked on Facebook, then you should contact Facebook because they are probably the ones blocking them, not Fiverr.


well the cards in your first gig come back to a business card template that you altered.
Perhaps it’s because of that?
Do you do your own work or just use a card template program? If you’re doing your own work, upload your own work instead of stuff you can find on the internet.


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I have the same problem with almost every fiverr gig link. Not just from my profile! Even if I choose some random fiverr link and try to post them on facebook, it says the page is blocked…


It sounds like those who are blocked are blocked by Facebook, most likely for spamming links on different groups, pages etc. This is not a Fiverr problem but a You problem.


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No this is happening even for gigs that just has been created and never got posted on Facebook


That still doesn’t make it a Fiverr problem, honestly. You can contact Facebook support and ask them or you can find somewhere else to promote. You are also welcome to send your issue to Fiverr Customer Support and see if they actually have any interest, but it’s just unlikely. No one on the forum can help you with it.


Facebook itself is telling you they are blocked, or they just don’t work there?

You should find out if it’s only the Fiverr short links that are blocked.

I would not recommend using Fiverr generated short links anyway. They randomly stop working (at least they still were when I last used them).

@paschalisblack Even though the Gig has not been posted on Facebook, they may have considered other account activities worthy of a block. I’m pretty sure that if you spam hashtags they take that away, so this might be similar.


May be I don’t understand something.
All the time I see something like this: promote your Gig etc.
As I know The Fiverr doesn’t like when fiverrers contact outside.
If people outside will see that the person do some service - logicaly they will contact with this person there directly without paying extra $%s. Not all, but many. This promotion works not for somebody’s Gig, it promotes The Fiverr by backlinks (Google doesn’t like very much to index personal FBs, but LOVES FB PAGES )


Am I right? It


Good question: so we’re not allowed to communicate externally, but we’re allowed to promote our gigs on social media, which requires us to have social media profiles, which in turn discloses all our basic information for being contacted externally, which in turn could also lead to getting “unwanted” leads outside Fiverr?


I don’t think Fiverr cares if you communicate off Fiverr in general, just not about your orders and things like that. They just don’t want to be an advertising service you can use for free.


But how would they catch people who talk about orders on their social media’s private messaging after promoting their Fiverr profiles, which could have brought them potential clients over there and not on Fiverr?

I think Fiverr calls out to our righteousness when promoting ourselves on social media.


I’d imagine they would catch people on “private” messaging because it’s not private. They probably buy messages with the keyword Fiverr in bulk from Facebook (and others). Or have some sort of monitoring company scan them and provide the results of possible violations.


Thet work fine but facebook says the page is blocked. It not only happens with short link but with normal links as well


That is alarming, the lack of privacy! I hope Fiverr hasn’t become such a big mammoth to afford buying our private messages :stuck_out_tongue: