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Access to this page has been blocked fiverr 2021

Hi, I already search on this forum for similar issue but this issue is different from others.
At first, I need to answer this google test Captcha. ( attachment 1 )

After I success answer that Captcha, I can’t see anything. Only these appear on my computer. Not showing the usual look as usual. Empty. ( attachment 2 and 3 ).

I tested on another computer… it’s showing the same situation.

My internet is okay. My Fiverr apps is okay too.
Any idea how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 1.59.43 PM



See that, comrade? That´s an Auto Refreshing Tool. That´s Illegal on Fiverr and is causing your problemos.

Fascinating… Nearly 3.5k sells and no warning about that.


Not only that… my fiverr badge on my website also gone. All related to Fiverr is gone on my computers.

Maybe this is IP Address issues. If yes, should I use VPN? Is that safe?

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That’s not auto refreshing… that’s grammarly apps. I’m using that for auto corrected my English Grammar

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Is this illegal?


If you haven’t installed an auto-refresher, have you checked that javascript is enabled for any Fiverr sites that need it? Have you checked that cookies are enabled for any Fiverr URLs? Have you installed anything that might be blocking javascript (eg. ad blockers etc)? Are you using Chrome? You could try a different browser or try Chrome if you aren’t already. Also did you manually load pages very quickly or too many times in a short amount of time (eg. open a few Fiverr tabs very quickly)? If so try not to do that. If it is because of your IP address, maybe it might change if you have a dynamic ip address (eg. if your router gets reset for some reason/the provider gives a new one).

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Thank you, UK1000. This is really help. Maybe I need to call my internet provider. You give the idea I not think before.

Actually, this is first time I know about auto-refresher and I don’t know why I need that. I’m cartoonist, just drawing cartoons.

Thanks again. Big help.

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No problem. You don’t need an auto-refresher, some people use them to try and look like they’re always online or maybe to refresh the buyer requests page a lot but Fiverr can give an account warning for it and give an error like that I think (though some people have got a “too many requests” type error when using one), so it’s best not to use one.

edit: You could also contact Fiverr support if you still can’t access pages. If you can’t through the helpdesk you could through

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Thanks for the explanation.

My problem solved after contacting my internet provider. You really help me, UK100.

Thanks a lot.

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