Access to this page has been blocked!


Just now I tried to log on my account, This message showed up,
I have no Idea what its all about, then I closed my window and opened it again,
now everything okey.
Why fiverr show me this?
is this gonna trouble my account?
Thank you


Well, could it be the first reason? Then maybe you need to enable JavaScript or update.

For the second reason, if you have a VPN on, deactivate it, if you are using a browser that doesn´t track you etc. you might have to switch to a different one, if not, you can try clearing cookies&cache etc. log out, or test with another browser, perhaps one you haven´t used before, so it doesn´t have any cookies etc yet.

Unless you don´t mind everyone being able to see your IP, you may want to edit your screenshot. You don´t need to provide that on the forum, only to Customer Support, in case the above won´t help.


It may happen if you are using a web browser plugin to auto refresh pages (for example, to auto-refresh the BR page), setting a too short refreshing interval.


I had this too today for some reason.


Actually, wasn´t there a topic like that some time ago, where in the end it resolved on its own and was due to some ISP in the region of the OP then, confirmed by other sellers who used the same ISP. So that might be another possible reason perhaps.


This sounds like a needlessly annoying page.



An hour ago i have faced the same issue go to your browser settings. Make sure java script is enabled. And refresh page twice and tick on I am not bot box. Then you can access your page…


@mdasrahim you know you left your IP address above…If I was you I would remove it.


:roll_eyes: Just got that same page (minus a different IP :wink: ) when, from being logged-in all day long already, I clicked on “Messages”… so that was the ISP theory, I guess.

Worked, when I clicked on another page and then on Messages again, though.


I got the message as well. Just another fright that I dont need.


Like going to your job as usual and finding the door locked and bolted, and a sign saying YOU NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO THIS SITE!


Thanks for your suggestionss.

I don’t use any VPN,
But I am facing some serious network problem in my internet modem,
I think this could be a reason


Could be, though as you can see above, some of us including me saw that page as well today, so perhaps it has to do with something Fiverr did too, seems okay again for me, though.
Hope you´ll get it sorted out or it will disappear by itself soonest.


few moments ago, when I opened my fiverr app, it shows " you can’t perform this action, please contact customer support".
think I am going to fall in a serious trouble.


I had that “you can´t perform…” pop-up in the app as well a while ago, I sent support a screenshot with my ticket (because it happened when I replied to a customer and my response rate dropped), they said they forwarded it to the tech team. The ticket is still open, my response rate still a few percent less but it hasn´t happened since, at least.
Maybe report it right away better if you get it on both desktop and laptop. If you can´t reply or send a delivery on time, your rates may drop.


okey, if they reply you, please post this here, and let us know their answer


I don´t think I´ll ever see another reply than the one that they sent it to the tech team, that ticket is a few weeks old already, but if they´ll reply some day and I remember and find this thread again, I will. :wink: