Accessibility Issues


I’m a new user of the Fiverr site, and just bought a service here for the first time today. The thing is, I’m blind, and the rating system isn’t really accessible with screen readers. After downloading my order, I tried giving a rating on my computer. I use a Mac running Safari. I couldn’t really do anything so I thought I would try rating on my iPhone, and accidentally gave the seller 1 star. And the thing is, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to fix it. It would be nice if you could work through these accessibility issues so this doesn’t happen in the future.


I suggest that you contact Customer Support directly and let them know that you have accessibility issues with giving reviews and tell them your story. I don’t think Fiverr has progressed a long way with special features for this situation (yet) but I think they can help you if you ask.

They should be able to delete the rating so you can either leave the gig unrated or try again. For the seller, it is better to be unrated than to have a 1 star, especially if the seller has only a few reviews. Staff doesn’t often get a chance to check the forum, but thanks for reporting your issue. If you need additional instructions on creating a Support ticket you will find them here:

How to Submit a Support Ticket with step-by-step instructions.