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Accessing Multiple Accounts? Why and How?


Hello Folks,

My wife is a digital designer and content writer and recently she thought to get involved with Fiverr after she saw the decent amount I earn by offering my services on Fiverr. My question is, would you recommend her creating a new fiverr account keeping the fact in mind that she could be and occasionally will be gaining access to her newly created fiverr account via my work station. Can this restrict or suspend my account? If thats the case, what would be your suggestion for people who want to use fiverr living under one roof?

Looking forward to your reply.



I think for this kind of issue only support could advice you on the best action.


Afaik every person can have their own account. Many households have only 1 computer, so same IP and other data is inevitable. Still, would be smart to double check with support first.


I think as soon as your respect these rules, your accounts will be safe:

  • Contact CS and let them know before you create the second account.
  • you may need to verify the accounts and prove that you are not the same person.
  • Never sell-buy from each others to bet reviews.

All the best.


You can do it but you can’t sell the same things, you have to be in differents categories.