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Accidental buyer

Hello people,
2 days back I got an order from a customer for $5 , the task was not worth $5 it was more like a $30-40 although I have clearly stated in my gig that one must contact me before placing an order but that person did not ask me for that. When I told him that the task is not of just $5, he sent me a cancellation request but as I am a new seller it would have increase my cancellation rate to 100% so I denied that request from my side. I have been messaging him from past 2 days to decide a reasonable price but he is not replying me.
I need suggestions, what can I do in this situation?

When i was newbie (not even level one). I literally worked for $5 which was actually $30-40. just to get sales to 10 orders.
I have like 5-7 cancelled order till now and that hasn’t effected my rating in anyway.
But keep in mind i am talking about mutual cancellation.
If you get late in delivering and buyer cancel the order, That will autopost one star review.
Handle the things smartly. Mutual Cancellation is better option in many cases.

Mutual cancellations don’t affect the cancellation rate.

Here are my suggestions:

First off all, you should not be having $5 gigs that are worth $30 to $40. That will create confusion with a lot of buyers and not just one.

The better thing to do as a new seller is just deliver enough work that you think is worth $5 and make the rest of your services available as a gig extra.

Remember, buyers come to Fiverr looking to pay $5, not $30, so you need to really scale down what you offer for only $5. Then, once the seller places his order, you may be able to offer more services that are are worth $30.00. Leave it up to the buyer to decide whether or not to purchase your gig extras.

This strategy will avoid problems with more buyers.

Hello, Accept the cancellation. You can’t force a buyer to spend more than he wants to. A mutual cancellation like this will not affect you in any way.

Thank you so much guys for the suggestion!!!

never deny a cancellation request. A bad review hurts you more. And your gig should have some sort of five dollar starting point always, not a contact me before ordering message. We all start at five dollars and then use the gig extras to add into it.
But never deny a cancel gig from a buyer! This is not going to hurt you to cancel. Do you really want to work with an unhappy buyer? Not worth the time. Simply let them cancel, change your gig to be starting a five dollars and move on. It will not hurt you.

As a new seller if you want to grow on fiverr then i suggest to you do work in $5. After some orders and 100% positive reviews you can increase your gig price.

I looked at your shoe gig and I can’t figure out what a $5 basic gig would include because “Design a shoe” is +$25. What does $5 get me? You should have a “The $5 Basic Gig Includes” section in your description to avoid confusion.

I understand you frustration.

What I recommend is having a description like:

“The basic 5$ gig will…” and after that describe the extras.

I would recommend mutual cancellation in this case. Remember, having the order go late, makes more damage than mutual cancellation.

Keep up the good work!