Accidental Delete of Gig


Today when i was adding a new gig , i found out it was not needed later. Accidentally i checked the top box and gave delete which deleted all of my gigs. Fortunately i had 2 active orders. How can i restore it? Is Fiver not having the option or tab of restore? This is crazy!


You would have to contact Fiverr to see if you can restore those Gigs. If you go to the TAB that says GIGS in your seller dashboard, you will notice there is not a link to go to any Deleted Gigs you may have - only Active, Paused, Needs Modification, etc. So, those Gigs you accidentally deleted may have just vanished. Fiverr Customer support is the only ones who may be able to dig those out of the bin for you - but, don’t be surprised if they tell you you just have to re submit new Gigs. :no_mouth:



Yes there must be option to restore deleted gigs. It is crazy. At Least for 7 days the option to recover gigs must be there. However in one of my active gig page , the other gigs by me are shown in the bottom but clicking which does not go to the gig page.

But imagine a gig with 1000 plus or so reviews . if it is accidentally deleted how that would affect a seller business. My other gigs had 8 reviews and some were still new.

I don’t know if this is the best technology Fiverr has. Also your messages in inbox do come up even if you delete them in inbox but comes in the notification if those messages were part of any order.


Well, perhaps write to customer service and explain you accidentally deleted Gigs you did not intend to. The only other thing I could think of is going to your Gigs and seeing if that section did hold deleted Gigs, which I found out (didn’t know til I looked!) it does not, which seems to me the seller cannot restore deleted Gigs, only Paused ones.