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Accidental Order Cancellation without affecting stat

A buyer ordered on my gig not knowing details now wants to cancel the order and says it was his fault, he even wants to give me 5 star rating if it’s possible and wants the refund and cancel the order without affecting my stat and all, how do I make the cancellation without affecting the rate !? A quick suggestion will be preferable ! Thankyou



This is not your fault. So no way to cancel the order. So go to support and tell them to complete the order.

Thank You

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Cancel order is not good for you. It will create a bad impression for your gig. And I am suffering from that. Lust 2 months I don’t get any order because of cancel order. So be careful. Thank YOU.

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He’s not willing to pay and want his refund without affecting my stat, how do I perform that !?

Please go to support center, they can give you a solution.

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Fiverr customer support through their dispute resolution center are the best people to handle a case like this to spare you the headache of cancellations ruining your gig.

I am speaking from experience and hear me when I say this, “A growing number of cancellation will kill your business.” One cancelled order is one too many so I implore you to ensure that you avoid it at all cost. In this case it is unavoidable so explain to fiverr customer support to ensure that it doesn’t affect your gig status.



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I’ve gone in resolution center and applied for assistance, is dispute resolution center something other than that ?


Awesome. That means you’ll get a response within 48 hrs. Sit tight as your request makes it way through the queue.


you just go to fiverr support room and text them, it’s totally fault client you also tell support I don’t want any affected my gig,then they solved your problem

Using the “resolution center” (you can see a big button for it on every order page) will allow you to send a cancellation request to the buyer yourself. That request, if accepted, will most definitely affect your stats.

As for contacting CS and asking them to cancel because the order was placed by mistake, this should leave your stats unaffected. But, considering that it takes CS 10 days (or longer) to respond these days, you decide if you want to try and go that route.


I faced same problem 3-4 times, Gig purchase with out discussion and buyer given work which was out of my skill, finally ORDER was canceled from buyer end and my effect on my order cancellation ranking,
same time i was contact to CS , but i get reply after 21 days, :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

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It’s very sad things for seller…