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Accidental Order

I accidentally clicked “order” on a gig by complete mistake! I quickly backed out of the page and went about my business. Now Fiverr keeps bugging me saying that I have an uncompleted order. Is there any way to stop this or should I contact support?

Yeah, Fiverr sent me an email saying that they would delete my request in 48hrs if I didn’t take any further action. Looks like I’m safe :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies.

If you haven’t actually ordered ($5 haven’t gone) then ignore it. This happened to me before and if I remember well they just sent the message one or twice, or there should be a button to stop it somewhere in the message…


I’ve had a couple of Buyers hit Order Now by mistake.

They were kind and told me to send them “something”. I sent a product from one of my other gigs. The Buyers were surprised to get “something” of value, rather than just any old “something”.

If the shoe was on the other foot, I would do the same.