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Accidental purchase help!

Please help! i accidenntally purchased a $100 order when i only wanted the $5. in my haste i messed up its totally my fault but i would like to cancel the order and start over. how do i do this and how do i get my money back into my account. i cannot afford to keep $100 in my shopping account. i need it returned all together.

than you for any assistance as i dont wish to hurt the seller.

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Sorry to hear that… just contact your seller whose gig you bought and told him/her the same you told here… i believe the seller will help you to get your money back. He will have to cancel the order to refund you money. But this process will have a little bad impact on the seller’s business…
Hope it helps…

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The seller will be harmed regardless I’m afraid.

As @muhammadfaheem0 suggested, the only way to start this off is to ask the seller to start a mutual cancellation - you can ask to cancel, but it will affect the seller more possibly.

You can ask customer services how to return your money to your card etc. - they may be able to help you.


That’s crazy!! It’s totally my fault. Why would that fall on him? I have
contacted the seller. They haven’t gotten back to me. I also contacted
customer support.
If that’s how fiverr treats sellers I’m pissed.
Human error should be accounted for not penalized to the wrong party.
What happens to the seller do their rankings drop? Will they lose business?

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It’s just the way it works.

Generally, it looks worse to Fiverr when a buyer asks for a cancellation because it looks as if the buyer isn’t happy with the seller’s work, they’re late with the delivery etc.

That’s why it’s better if a seller asks for a mutual cancellation.

Human error doesn’t come into it I’m afraid

You’ve done all the right things by speaking to the seller and CS - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The seller will be affected then

You should contact with cs and tell them the whole issue


The best thing you can do is to first contact customer support and then the seller to explain the issue, anyways if the gig get cancelled will affect the seller.

As @solow13 said, just contact the support team :slight_smile: