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"Accidental Rating"

Hey all,

So I’ve had a client recently order my ‘I Will Ethically Steal Your Competitors Customers’ gig.

The gig I gave him was custom, as he didn’t want a Google ad, he wanted a Facebook campaign instead. The client was impatient as hell, interrupting me throughout the 14-days, saying things like “make sure you stay on top of this” etc – when the campaign was getting him a huge amount of clicks per day.

He pressured me to also do a Google ad on top of this, after my suggestion. So I ushered him to complete the gig, and we’ll start another. Thus when he accepted the order, he left me a 4.7-star review, with the “Gig as described” as a 4/5 star.

I contacted him about this, and he says it was “accidental”. Well, his little “accident” cost me 4.9-star average now. The only problem is, Fiverr prohibit you to contact clients about changing their review.

I wonder if his next gig would be an “accidental” rating, or I should just fire him as a client (as I’m suspect that he’s lying, given his way of communication).

Has anyone else had accidental reviews?

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Am I the only person that feels some type of way about the title of this gig? The ethically steal part just throws me for a loop.

I would say this, don’t worry about the rating too much as long as you are making money.

Another thing, you should really think about removing this line in your gig, " If you don’t receive high-quality traffic from these ads, I’ll refund you 100% of the money back, no questions asked". People will abuse this and try to get free work from you.


Haha it’s a bit of a oxymoron, yes. Though it’s certainly getting the clicks, and is in no way misleading if you understand the process.

And true. Ah yeah I see, maybe I’ll change it to “if you don’t receive traffic”, because I can guarantee traffic no problem.

Thanks for the tip!

I like the gig title.

in combination with your deliberate use of " " around “accidental” makes me think he might be one of the “perfection doesn’t exist so I never give 5*” customer types. :wink:

As you contacted him already (brace yourself for comments to tell you not to and that you shouldn’t have) and he must know from that that you’re not quite happy with the 4.7, and if he knows your campaign was good for him, which is probably a sure thing if he’d order again … he might try to avoid “accidents” next time.
Then again, who knows … how about buying a divination gig?


Thanks, I appreciate it :blush:

True, I didn’t think of that. I don’t know why he’d sabotage someone else’s job chances over his standards like that, but I guess that’s why they’re standards.

That’s true. My campaign for him is solid and very successful. For example, it’s only been 3 days and I’ve brought him 69 potential leads, spending only $30 at the moment.

Thanks for the feedback :blush:

I wouldn’t want to work with him again not because of the review, although that’s not ok either, but because of how he acted during the 14 day time when you were working on the order. He is a control freak. Sometimes it’s best when you can put up some boundaries about what kind of behavior you refuse to accept.


Very true. He placed a large order, which made it bearable, but I think I’ll just let him know that it’s not an overnight process. And even if it does happen overnight (the results), it’s his job to convert those leads into sales, not mine.

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There is a well known and long standing bug on the App that sometimes leaves 4.7 and 4.3 reviews instead of 5 star.

That being said, if you feel that your buyer is making unreasonable demands on your time then it might be better for both of you to part ways

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Great gig
Nice catch line

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