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Accidental Review (RESOLVED)


Yesterday, I delivered an order to a user. He proceeded to accidentally give me a 2.4 rating without seeing the end result. He acknowledged this to me in the messages.

I later filed a dispute request which he accepted and he changed his rating to 5 stars. This was after he saw the end result.

Nevertheless, the text in the review remained the same: “Poor experience”. Also, on the gig page, at the reviews below, the review still shows 2.4 stars and the “Poor experience” text. In addition, it is accounted for in the average rating for the 3 qualities as 2.4 but as 5 in the total average rating of the gig.

I cannot file a dispute request for the second time. What should I do?

I have already contacted customer support and am awaiting for their response.

Has anyone had similar issues?

The gig is:


but overall your rating is 5 may be it will be updated after sometime…


Hopefully, it will. It is been 18 hours now. How long does it usually take?


yes same issue happened with me also but the review was updated after 1 day or you might log out for once than check it…it might change


I did log out and in again several times to no avail. Hopefully it will be updated, it’s been 18 hours so far. Thanks for the insight.


yes it will…:slight_smile:


So Customer Support have replied and the issue is fixed! They changed the text from “Poor Experience!” to “Outstanding Experience!” and 5 stars are shown everywhere.


Glad to hear you were able to get it resolved.