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Accidentally away from fiverr last 3 months and found low rating


unfortunately in september incident happen to as my car road accident…
I got bed on serious injuries. now in good health come back … found my gigs low rating and 30 orders cancelled as due late delivery and no response from my side to buyers.
I sent all buyers who leave 1 star and told them actual reason being not responding.

issue is that non of them reply me back and most of them not online since last one month.

First time buyers i am not able to send them text message as no option to contact buyer.

even not able to send buyer request as rating below 90% …

so i have two option to delete this account and start from zero.
2. try to get orders via marketing on social platforms

dear all you suggestion wellcome … please help me out

My first month as a Fiverr seller rocked!

also want to know that when buyer not responding


I guess my be due to holidays they are away positive thinking
but such a situation can be happen to every one …we are humans.
even they guys who left 1 star they already refunded their funds… even i didn’t mark thier orders delivered.
sad think in that they also left bad rating @ashraful_sajal


Hmm pretty bad situation unluckily. Its good to see you back in good health. I guess you should concentrate on good work and exceptional customer care. This way your effect of bad reviews will be compensated by good ones. New account is also not a bad idea.


Thanks for suggestion @saddu_writer
Yes you are correct . up lift again my gigs up to mark… I need many orders… it will take month or more. but possible to recover my good reputation again.
I think Fiverr must look these type of issues. As its not the case I worked low quality.
even not delivered orders too… thier must be some check on buyers too…


Really? you put up a Fiverr gig page saying “I will do [x] for 5$” and you keep it live without activating vacation mode, and you think the buyer is at fault for hitting the order button?


yes I am unable to hit button vacation mode… as i have already more than 20 orders …when my road accident happen … after i was in hospital @silkroute


I am sympathetic to your predicament but do the buyers really deserve the blame for ordering gigs from your gig pages?

Put yourself in their shoes as you want them to put themselves in your shoes. Someone orders a gig and has no communication for a month.

You could have simply told a trusted family member to send mutual cancellation to everyone who had already ordered and then activated vacation mode.

PS : It’s against TOS to have multiple accounts.


i have only one account… @silkroute


its not against TOS if you delete your current account and then make another one


@saddu_writer yes same think i am asking … means ist option to delete ist one and make new account and start from zero … again …