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Accidentally cancelled my buyers order after delivery

I accidentally accepted my buyers request to cancel the order. He had multiple revisions which he didn’t want and instead wanted a full refund of the work which had already been completed. After writing him a long message, I hit accept to send instead of decline, and lost a LOT of money.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to revert this. I have contacted costumer support, anything else I can do to withdraw my accepting of the cancellation. It’s quite a costly miss-click, especially since the buyer was being a ****

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You told him and all your customers that you will give refund 100% to all your clients, so why is this issue now?

100% Refunds , if you’re not satisfied, neither are we, and will immediately refund you.


That’s exactly my point to him. I give refunds, but I obviously don’t give refunds to people who refuse revisions. If you ask for a refund after the work is done and aren’t interested in revisions, you’re just ripping me off after I give you the work. That is how I work with all my clients and he is no exception.

But he is not satisfied and he wants a refund, not revision.

You do not say "if you’re not satisfied, neither are we, and will do revisions forever and ever and ever until end of time.

You say : “if you’re not satisfied, neither are we, and will immediately refund you.”

You clearly state you will give refund, not endless revisions.


Why are you even offering refunds? The only way to do that would be to cancel, but ideally you shouldn’t be cancelling any orders…

In my opinion that’s just as bad as offering unlimited revisions.


I’m sympathetic with your situation, losing revenue just like that because you pressed the wrong button it’s a sucky situation, however I think you wouldn’t be able to deny the cancellation in the end even if you haven’t.

All it would take is the buyer to go to Customer Support and they would have cancelled it (rightfully so).

As pointed above your gig is very clearly offering refunds if the buyer is not satisfied, and satisfaction is subjective. It might be they were not satisfied that they would need to ask for a revision, for example.

Remove that from your gig as soon as possible. And while you’re at it, make sure to also remove your website from there, that’s a violation and could get your account banned.