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Accidentally clicking the Order Now button. "Order Button" may need a "Confirmation Box"

Right now I had the problem of accidentally purchasing a gig without any verification. The thing is I have a refunded money on my Fiverr account. When I tested purchasing a gig, it just went nuts in processing my order without asking for confirmation. Now I have to mutually cancel my order to my seller’s inconvenience…

From Paypal Money:

Paypal - Confirmation Process> Fiver -> Purchase

Refunded Money/ Fiverr Money :

Fiver -No Confirmation Process> Purchase

I’ve had the same problem with a buyer - they’ve accidentally clicked to purchase on one of my gigs and then had to cancel. Not a huge problem as thankfully mutual cancellations don’t hurt sellers but it would be good just to have one safety catch before purchasing a gig so this doesn’t happen.

I encountered the same problem when I accidentally clicked on “Order Now” on a gig that I wasn’t interested in. It surely needs a confirmation box.

So true. As it is, it’s like click on View Cart and being taken directly to Check Out without a possibility of changing your mind.

I believe Fiverr’s opinion on the matter is that they hope a buyer and seller will just go ahead and complete the order instead of going to the effort of cancelling. After all, there’s a good chance the buyer was interested or they wouldn’t have been checking it out. At best a commission is made, and if the gig gets mutually cancelled, all is well.

The Fiverr motto is “Orders first, deal with any fallout later!” :slight_smile: