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Accidentally marked project as finished

I have an issue I accidently marked a project as finished. Basically what happened was I asked a seller to create a landing page for my YouTube video ad I was creating on my website. He agreed then during the project I also told him I need to create a YouTube channel art for my YouTube. So he went and modified the ordered and added an extra $27 to the order to deliver the YouTube channel art. After that, he submitted the YouTube channel art to me. I received it, and I approved it, thinking it would only approve the $27 modification however it approved the entire project which was $180 as completed. I’m not sure what it is I should do as I only have the $27 portion of the order delivered and not the other part and since it is marked as final I don’t think the seller would have much incentive to finish the work they already got paid for. Let me know any thoughts or suggestions.


Have you contacted the seller?


I would definitely reach out to the seller and just see if they are willing to help you out. It happens quite often and usually if what you are asking is a pretty quick fix most sellers will just go ahead and help you out even if the order has been marked complete.

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Contact the seller and tell them what happened. Ask them to deliver the rest of the work, too. If they don’t do it, complain to Customer Support that you have received an incomplete delivery (that’s strictly forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service), and ask them for help.

Just keep in mind that you have 13 or 14 days after the order was marked as complete to demand a refund from Customer Support, so don’t wait for too long.


I did contact the seller my issue is that now that it is marked as completed what incentive does he have to complete my request since the money (I assume) has been released and the latter part of the project (creating the landing page) requires considerable amount more work effort than making the YouTube channel art. I just wasn’t sure if there was a way to at least open the project back up to allow for that portion to be completed.

Ah, I didn’t know this. I’ll give the seller some time to respond it just happened about an hour ago and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice.

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No, you can’t open the project back up but without a reply from the seller yet, you may be jumping the gun to assume they won’t complete the work.
I often get asked to amend a design as the buyer wasn’t around to ask for amendments within the 3 day approval zone, to which I will do all I can to accommodate - I think you’ll find the same goes for the vast majority of seller’s here - we’re here to keep clients happy at the end of the day - within reason! :smiley:

I would give them a couple fo days to reply - if they don’t, contact Fiverr Customer Support and explain the situation.

Understood, the seller just responded to me and stated he will continue to work. I guess all I can do is take him at his word since the project is marked as closed and hope he will finish the work. Thank you all for your answers. This seller has a 4.9 rating so I hope he will live by that stellar rating.

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Excellent! Really important topic to discuss. Thank you indeed

His entire Fiverr reputation.
The avoidance of (the headache of) dealing with Fiverr CS.

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I am a seller and sometimes my buyers approve the order on the draft delivery, then I send the final delivery to inbox. It can happen as everybody is not an expert user. Sometimes my orders get closed automatically as the buyers are too busy to review the delivery in 3 days, then they come back and ask for revisions and I do accordingly. Now what you can do is contacting the seller and request for the final delivery. I hope, they will help.

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It’s against Fiverr TOS to send “draft” deliveries. Work must be complete when it is delivered. I’d caution you to not do that in the future since it could get you in trouble. Really, the seller is in the wrong and violated TOS by delivering the order partially.