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Accidentally purchased

I just accidentally purchased a gig, not knowingly please ask the customer service team to check the tickets. Thank you.


Hello, this is forum and forum users are not able to check your ticket nor ask CS to check it for you.

You will need to wait for CS response. It may take longer time these days.

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An alternative thought. Please remember that by cancelling the order you will impact the seller’s ability to make further sales in future. If this was genuinely your mistake (and it sounds like it is) please consider doing the decent thing and allowing the order to complete - particularly if it is a low value order.

All cancellations, regardless of the reason, affect the seller’s completion stat which the Fiverr algorithm takes into account when displaying search results. You actions could cost the individual sales in future - through no fault of their own.


Order cancellation affect sellers profile. Because it decreases the percentage of the “Order completion rate”.

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