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Accidentally 'removed' buyer request

I have just accidentally ‘removed’ the request of a buyer who I really wanted to work with! Is there anyway I get ‘unremove’ it? If not, would someone be able to do me a huge favour and find out the buyer name by sending an offer with an unreasonable amount, and checking in the sent history? It was for the edit of some 15th-century historical fiction and the buyer was willing to pay 1000 dollars - that’s all I can remember - and it was posted today, Feb 3rd.

Thanks for the help!


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I fear there’s no “unremove”.

It also probably wouldn’t help you even if a seller saw that BR, and your post here, and would do what you ask for, as you can’t contact buyers unless they contact you first (that’s Fiverr kindly saving buyers from being spammed to death; makes sense, generally, seeing how much you already get spammed by sellers being a seller …)
The only way you would be able to contact a buyer who didn’t contact you first, is if they also are a seller not just a buyer.

At least, you probably won’t accidentally remove a request again … I know, that’s not much of a consolation right now …

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