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Accidentally removing Buyer Requests


I have accidentally removed buyer requests and the one I removed this morning really was one I wanted badly.

Accidents do happen and I think it is a disservice to both the seller and buyer that Fiverr does not offer a way to recover accidentally removed buyer requests.

The buyer is looking for the best voice over artist possible ( or graphic designer or VA etc) and the seller who accidentally removed the request may be that person, but, the buyer will not have the opportunity to make that choice and may have just missed that right seller.

Perhaps Fiverr could add a “recover request” button or a confirmation button that asks the seller if they truly want to remove this request. This would be a way of ensuring all buyers get the right to choose the seller that is right for their project and lessen frustration that the sellers go through when encountering this scenario.



Something else that should be fixed in BR. I sent an offer through BR, client decided to purchase 10 months after! I was away on holidays when they placed the order… I contacted CS and they told me nothing could be done… so I had to do the job and deliver on time… There should also be a button to remove sent offers.