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Accidentally sent $31.50 too much to an address fiverr provided (paid too much)

It’s been several days, support says something like “hold on” and still haven’t replied to me.

Looks like I’m not going to get my money back? How can a company do business like this? If you send them too much they just keep it, lol. $31.50 isn’t a small amount considering gigs are 5-12$.

Can you explain what happened exactly? Fiverr never ask you to send money.

. . . Relax . . . Calm Down . . . BREATHE . . . BREATHE . . . BREATHE . . .

I used Bitcoin. They provided an address. I sent $ to that address. Then they provided a 2nd address. I sent $ to the 2nd address, but the copy paste function on the site froze, so I sent to the earlier address, of which i already paid for the gig. and I had to pay again for the 2nd gig.

There is only one way to pay for gigs on Fiverr – through the “pay now” button on the gig whose services you are purchasing. Never, ever send money to “an address”.

If you sent money to another source outside of Fiverr, you’re probably not going to see that money again. Always pay for gigs using the clearly marked payment button on individual gigs.