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Accidentally widthdraw money to paypal account that do not exists

I accidentally widthdraw money to a paypal account that actually do not exist and paypal has sent me an email to claim my money by setting up account but in my country paypal is not available. How to get my money back.


You need to ask customer support.


Did you receive the email from Fiverr? usually you need to confirm your payment trough emails to order to get your money to paypal account


ask costom support for money back…

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also when you withdraw money then confirmation message sent to email.if you get that email then you can reject it.

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Not if u widraw from pc


what’s you mean from pc.if you withdraw then you must withdraw money from pc

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You can withdraw from app also on mobile :wink:


yes but from pc i think best

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How do you accidentally withdraw money to paypal?

When you click the paypal button it shows a large message asking if you are sure you want to do that.

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I just clicked withdraw button on android app. and it didn’t asked me to select payment method and earnings were deducted to pay-pal.


have you not received payment yet ? did you talk to CS ? what did they said ?

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Contact customer support as soon as possible

this happened with me too last month when i accidentally withdrew money to paypal rather than payoneer. just inform the cs and dont make the paypal account. if you will notice in the email by paypal for withdrawing money they also have mentioned in the end that if you dont claim the money it transfers back after a month. so you will have to wait for a month and as the money would remain unclaimed it will transfer back to your fiverr account. this is my experience…hope the same goes for you…just in case talk with cs!


Thanks… Just saw the pay-pal email. which say claim it by July 14 else it will be returned to sender.


I made the same mistake… will it be essential to inform cs or not. if yes then send me the link so that I can contact them

hh_one, did you get your money back after a month? kindly inform me