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Accidently gave seller 0 stars- please help ASAP

I placed an order tonight and somehow I accidentely gave the seller 0 stars but I meant to give them 5 as they were a great seller! (its 2a, in the morning so I probably wasn’t alert in what I was clicking on).
Is there anything I can do?
Please help ASAP as I don’t want it to negatively affect this seller.


Contact costumer support and explain the situation.

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Strangely, I think it is ok now. It must have been some glitch in the system as before it stated 0 stars but now it is showing 5. Hooray!

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I think the lowest value is 1 star

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Oh, ok thanks. Its weird why it said 0 stars…

As far i know client give lowest 1 star,if you gave unwillingly the star then contact customer support they can help you,I think,thanks