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According to the rules in Fiverr, can I edit my gig again after creating it once?


Can you please give a clear idea?


You’re free to revise various aspects of your Gig. That’s not a problem.


Thanks for your suggestion.:heart_eyes:


hello dear
Editing Your gig any time any moment if you need changing fiverr gig…no problem for your account


Thanks for your speech. :heart_eyes:


But is there any effect for gig’s rank ?


You can do as much as you can, provided you are really looking for meaningful changes. Just altering few words doesn’t make any sense.


Thank you so much for sharing a helpful idea from your experience on Fiverr.:heart_eyes:


You can make any time but can’t change url


Yes. You can make some changes. But make sure you will not change the service what you have offered with your gig. It will affect to your ratings badly.


You can revise your gig several time. but SEO ranking will may decline.