According to you which qualities a designer should have to design an attractive graphic?


Designing any graphic using photoshop or illustrator is all about the smart use of the tools.if you are not aware of the use of tools in creative way then u cant design a beautiful graphic…i wanna know your opinions about the important qualities a designer should have to design an attractive graphic…


A designer must have

  • Ability to bring imagination to reality
  • Skills of Designing
  • Originality
  • Positive Attitude


Honesty and knowledge of copyright laws.


According to me, a graphic designer should have -

  • Extensive and Broad experience on the designing software.
  • The courage to agree that his current work is bad.
  • The power of telepathy.LoL. (To carve out the buyer`s/ his/ her imagination into an image).


@taverr I like the third one and agree with that too…sometimes buyers vision seems blurry?


See the highlighted part.

When once I asked one of my buyer for some clarification, I was told to do whatever I think right. A very frequent thing for me… LoL. “Telepathy”
(The buyer liked the final work though)


“Do whatever you think is right.”

“No, not that. That’s not what I wanted.”


That is why I use to deliver few options to choose from in these cases.
But extra work though…


buyer orders gig, leaves scant details about work. One small, innocent inquiry later…

“You’re the expert, I shouldn’t have to tell you what to do.”

a short while later…

"What the hell is this? Call yourself an expert? This is nothing like what I wanted! I DEMAND A REFUND, YOU SCAMMER!"

Such is life as a Fiverr seller.


:relieved: such is life… lol


the important qualities a designer should have to design an attractive graphic should be:

  • good communication
  • experience
  • passion
  • perception and feeling


@emmaki ha ha ha…very true…


@catwriter …action :slight_smile:… reaction…:rage:


I have been using an amazing designer here and he has come up with something so creative and beautiful in one order on his own that I now see he is much better with his ideas than I am and feel very comfortable allowing him to use his own genius at creating graphics.

I can’t say that I would let anyone else do this on their own but I trust his style and ability.

He has many years of experience, talent, and just knows what looks best.