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Account after 4 months

Hello this is Serena I have created my Fiverr account back 4 months ago but due to some reasons I was not able to work on Now I wanted to work my question is should I make Another account or use the previous one the same account
( means this account ) will the break which I took affect my new gigs which Are I am going to make in any sense??? looking forward to the positive response


i suggest you to create a new one because you join the fiverr in 2018 and have not any level which you will be lose.

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Create a new and motivate yourself to earn much more.
GOD bless you:slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks brother but one thing I have 2 (5 star rating) and have few $$ in my account

You could always say in your profile description that you have been away for X months and are now back again.


i think you should focus on your previous will be good because you have rating and balance.Good luck


I saw it but notice that 5 Star rating with only 2 reviews
Don’t be hurt but understand