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Account and Gigs not found on fiverr Page


I can’t find my account or gigs whenever i search for it.
Normally, inputing an account name in the search tab will bring the username before actually clicking it.
But, i can’t find my account nor Gigs.
I’ve had few Orders with 5 Star ratings

Account link-
Gig link-

Please!! Help


I see your gig. Your 1 order in Queue. Try again. You will see.

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please wait for 1-2 days or maybe more. it is something with fiverr algorithm a lot of people gigs are not being shown in the search. it is also happening with me.


Yes! You can see the Gig through the link.But i can’t find it in the search option.It’s been Five days now :sleepy:
Normally,i do have 4 Active Orders.

But since this started,i haven’t received any Order.
The only Order in Queue is active for a long duration.
That’s why you can find it.

Oh! Thanks.

I hope things get back to normal soon.

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