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Account Balance Decreasing

I have some money in my Fiverr account, it isn’t a lot but I’ve now noticed the number has started to decrease. I don’t want to transfer it to my bank account just yet as I know there is a fee to do so.

Do Fiverr start taking money after a while? Or could it be that I am in the UK so it is being converted into GBP?

Thanks in advance

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It’s the exchange rate changing.

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Thank you, that’s helpful to know!

This is interesting! I thought the balance you already got is sticked to the currency rate at the time where the order is completed. If not, then we could wait for the currency rise again then withdrawal the money. Like on the stock exchange. :sweat_smile:


This page sort of explains it:

All Fiverr Balances are derived from the US Dollar value, including your revenues. Although you might see your overall account balance (next to your profile picture) in your local currency, your Revenues page will always show the US Dollar amount, as the only currency within the Fiverr system is US Dollars.

Keep in mind that when viewing or withdrawing your Balance n your local currency, you may see daily changes due to exchange rate fluctuations and conversion fees. Sellers always have the option to withdraw Revenues in US$.