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Account Ban


I have crate a gig about 20 days ago.when I going to log for do my first gig, my account has banded.Then I asked from fiverr.They send me this type of message

"We are unable to reinstate your account at this time. Users are currently permitted only one account on Fiverr".

But I had only one account in that time.I use Dongle for logging to internet.Is that the reason for that banding account?

My IP address changes again again when I logging to internet. As my mind that is the only one reason. Please help me how can I crate permanent Fiverr Account without problem



We are all just members here like you, not customer service. You need to open a ticket with Customer Support to explain that you have only one account. Be sure to ask if your method of connecting to the internet could be the reason Fiverr thinks you have more than one account. If CS is very busy you may not get a reply right away (sorry, that’s just the way it is, sometimes) so don’t file more than one report because that will just slow them down even more. There are links to CS on every page of the Fiverr site.

Good luck~