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Account banned - how to request business cards

I am writing here to understand the reasons my account was banned.
I wanted to request a logo and business card from a seller.
For this it is required that I transmit the company and contact information.
How can this be done without breaking your terms of service?
Can my account be reopened?


It is highly unusual for buyer to get banned over this. Are you sure there is nothing else to the story?
Exchange of contact information is allowed when it is necessary for the order and that would be the case with business card design.
Try contacting customer support, because if that’s all there is, you weren’t supposed to get banned and there could be a mistake. They might take a while to reply though.


It’s done on the order page.
Did you have an order open with seller?
My clients send me that info all the time as long as it stays on order page and it’s clearly stated that bis cards are part of an order it’s fine.

However if you shared that in messages then it’s a violation.