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Account Banned Temporarily

My account has been banned.
It says your account has been banned temporarily. The number of requests you have made to this website has exceeded the rate limit.

Please contact customer support.
Any help please :pleading_face:


How about to uninstall refresher?


You were told what to do.


Will I be able to get back my account??

They message said it was temporary so yes. If you were using a plug in to stay active that is likely the reason (IMO). Don’t do it if you were doing it.


Did you get warning by email or something?

It seems to be DDoS protection.

As others have adviced, you may want to contact CS if you require assistance.

Forum can’t give you correct answer.


@ali_hasnii Please email CS

Pls You can Contact Fiverr Support or Fiverr FB Page. I hope you will get best solution.

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SMH, when will sellers learn that using an app to appear to be active 24/7 on the Fiverr Platform only gets them in trouble. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Check this out: Today first time i got tos violation warning for what can happen.

Take help from fiverr support

Please send an e-mail to Fiverr Customer Support

oh, really?? So many people use applications to stay active on fiverr and there accounts are alive!

contact with

If there are many doing that and they are still active maybe it isn’t refreshing as often as it did for those that got that message (if that was what the message was about). But it still shouldn’t be used as

  1. It’s misleading buyers if it’s showing them “online” (active) when they aren’t. There’d be no point in the “online” search filter if everyone was using an auto-refresher.
  2. Fiverr could change the parameters of the check at any time and they could be banned/temporarily banned.

Only the Fiverr support team can help you.
contact with

And If you get back your account again, I recommend to watch the course “Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller” -

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Contact on Fiverr Customer Support Center

How many people are going to repeat to contact Customer Support even though it was mentioned 10+ times already?

I guess we’re getting another “sellers never to buy from” list.


This has been answered!

“Don’t copy forum posts”

The above is from the forum rules.

Copying the answer to previous posts will not get you sales!


CS can’t keep up with penalizing all the gigs breaking the rules.

There are so many sellers breaking the ToS CS would need hundreds of members to remove them all quickly.