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Account being reviewed for TRS?


I have received a message from customer care that my account is being reviewed for TRS but after 24 hours they stated that they decided that I will remain the Level 2 seller?

Anyone having the same issue? I have completed all the requirements which are required for TRS but they email me will consider and review next month?


I have received this type of message around 10 times… Just learn to ignore that…until you’re so lucky :smile:


Haha, I will stick with hope and watch every 15th of every month :smirk::smirk::smirk:


They review the profile “Manually” and then “Decide” if you are eligible for TRS or not.


rubi_mughal Yeah, that’s what they told me, so did you receive that kind of messages yet?


Exactly yes,
They nominate me every 15 of the month and then review.
Alas! I don’t know what’s missing… lol “Only” they know what’s missing…
And look, i am on the same badge…


Okay, It’s mean the story is just tarting now for me :joy::joy::joy:


Haha! You are welcome to this… :smiley: