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Account blocked for dropped file HELP

I had sent my client their file, and I got a notice from him that it didn’t send properly. As I went to go resend it, I discovered that my account was blocked for a violation of TOS!

I have 2k$ on my account that I cant access, and 3 more gigs I am supposed to finish. HELP!

Is there a number I can call Fiverr, because their customer support takes FOREVER!

No, there is no phone number. I doubt they would ever try to staff a global phone line and it would be really expensive, so I’d sure rather see them use those funds for more critical things. Support usually answers within 24 hours, sometimes 48.

If you got an instantly blocked account you must have either repeatedly violated the ToS, received multiple warnings, or you did something that is considered a massive violation. My best guess is that you sent an empty deliver and it wasn’t the first time, but I have no way of knowing. Regardless, Fiverr will return your funds to you if they decide that they were earned in a valid way.

There is usually a 90 day waiting period to get funds on a blocked account. So, even if they had a phone number this wouldn’t be a quick resolution in most cases. The good news is that usually there isn’t a big issue with getting your funds later on.

Edited to add - I notice that you first reported problems on the forum 6 days ago so Support must have been in touch with you in some way. Just as a side note to anyone else reading, if you are having major issues over 6 days, ask for extensions on any active orders. Buyers are usually very good about giving extensions and it is far better than risking a problem that escalates like this.

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that’s the thing. I NEVER GOT customer support. There was no email about it. And that was on dropped messages, not dropped files.

I DID send the file. I should have taken a screen shot. For whatever reason on my end it says there is a file attached, and then it doesn’t. THIS is the second time it happened. Last time Fiverr’s resolution was “Hey don’t worry it’s only one violation you haven’t had any in years since you started.” AND NOW THIS. Can I get my account BACK? Is there a way to even fight this?

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I don’t even know what to say. This is genuinely messed up.

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Were you delivering a Getty image by any chance? I heard on the grapevine that Getty - Fiverr magic wasn’t working yesterday. Also, did your delivered file show up as something like ‘crowdownload’ in the file name? I had a spate of video files not uploading correctly a while ago and that was how delivered files appeared.

This is very worrying. I occasionally have to send large files one by one. Sadly, I think that all you’ll find here and from Fiverr CS is a verdict of guilty until proven innocent.

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Maybe there’s a bug in the attachment feature if you said you attached it. If they won’t re-enable your account you could ask if you could create a new account (closing the other if it’s not already).

Maybe for the attachments it might be safer to attach it on Fiverr and put a link in the description to a site like dropbox with the same files. And say in the description that that that link is there just in case there are any issues with the attachment (it’s more work, but it might be safer, though if there’s a problem with the link they still may not be happy especially if they don’t realise the same file(s) are attached).

Its always been that way. They forget that I have made them $ a LOT of it.

it was a .pdf

Reaching out to support is your best bet at the moment. In this case, it does look like it’s entirely their fault so maybe you might get your account back - hopefully.

It happened once before. That’s why I switched to using text only for my psychic readings. This way they couldn’t say the file was dropped. Stupid me for trying again. I wanted a product that matched by blog.

Doubtful this is the second time in a short period. SO why would they ban me for it.

I think if they are going to ban you they should have the decency to give you a number to call to defend yourself.

This is ridiculous. I have complained about it before. No one wants to do anything about it.

And NO. I wont make a new account. I was nearly a top rated seller. I will just go to a Fiverr clone and never give them another dime of my $.

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That was on another issue. A customer of mine was BLOCKED- not me.

This is ME getting banned.

This isn’t something normal over a long period of time even if there have been recent glitches. If you do open a new account and Fiverr doesn’t care if you deliver text, you could always deliver psychic readings in both text and PDF but with the PDF as a “backup” and not a guarantee. In this case it seems avoidable and they don’t usually block you over a one-time issue. They also wouldn’t block someone unless the client complained as far as I know. Something seems to be missing here. Either way, best of luck to you.

I notice that you said

Be sure that you’ve reached out to Support with a ticket. it wouldn’t work to just wait for support if you didn’t open a real ticket.

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Can’t file a TICKET if my account blocked… if you account is blocked you cant log in to file a ticket.

unless there is another way???

And I agree. I tried to contact the client to resend the file. Which was only 5 minutes after being contacted.
But when I tried I was blocked.

A ticket should have been opened days ago when you first had any sign of problems, but I do understand if you thought it was resolved. The Ticketing System changed and now you usually only have to be logged in to see old activity. Anyone can fill out a Support form by going to, choosing Seller and scrolling to the bottom to click on Contact Us.

There is an email address at The ticket system is usually faster but the email couldn’t hurt.


That was my customer being blocked and I couldn’t deliver to them.

THIS IS A NEW ISSUE. I was banned. TWO different things……….

Actually you cant. I just tried. Its telling me to login. AND of course I cant. sigh

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I understand that. What I’m saying is that it sounds like you were experienced issues with dropped messages first, so a ticket opened then might have helped you. I also just said that I understand that you might have thought that was a resolved issue, so I gave you all the other information I could. I also understand why you are upset, but I’m just a volunteer. If you are combative with Support, that doesn’t get you anywere. :

Just to be clear, are you saying that when we have messages and/or notifications suddenly disappear, we should all contact CS asap?

Try the email address, then.