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Account blocked - Help


My account with username: awaix94 as a seller was blocked on sending spam messages. I did not know that contacting another seller for work is against fiverr policy. As soon as i got the first warning, i did not send any message after that but the user might have blocked after seeing the messages later in time.

Please guide me how to get it back up.

Thank you.

If you can contact the support, then please do, and what account is this, if you are using a second account, then you are breaking the TOS again.

Things will go as the support wants. And please read the TOS carefully


Thanks for the quick response.

It is a seller account. Since, i cannot login thats why i created this account only for posting my issue.
Please guide me where to post? Can you give me the support link?

Thanks again.

At the end of the website


Just curious, why would you contact another seller for work? Did you think they would hire you to complete the work they are getting paid to do?

I just thought maybe if any seller is getting a lot of work, and instead of just rejecting it, i can be his 2nd man for help. Anyways, i didn’t know about this rule and now i do.

When i click here, It needs a login, when i login with my credentials, i get error that account is blocked. What to do?

Nothing. You broke the rules, and Fiverr removed that account. If you had read the rules when you signed up, you wouldn’t be having these problems.

Spamming other users, and now a second account… Maybe it’s time that you read the rules. Here you go, for your convenience, this is the link to the rules. For Pete’s sake, read them!


You could try contacting them by email on

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Contact Support or