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Account blocked or restrictions

Hello Fiver community I want to address a serious issue with Fiver support I don’t know how many of you will agree with me but this is the truth
I got my 2nd account restricted I got 6 warnings if combined both accounts 3+3 so here is why

I have a history of getting orders from scamming buyers all of the warnings I got from Fiver is not from buyer side but my own side because I reported the buyer to Fiver community and each time I reported the buyer instead of blocking buyer account or sending him the warning whatever etc Fiver sent me a warning, yeah I know why because the buyer is the one earning source of Fiver if the buyer does not place order Fiver won’t earn after getting my last warning I have lost my mind. Buyer abused me in chat i did’nt even said a word to him directly reported him to cs in return Fiver sent me warning of being abusive LOL like seriously nothing have to say more

Do you guys ever faced this issue? reporting a buyer gets you in trouble

any ideas guys no one telling me please

Yikes! You ran through two accounts. I’m not even sure that’s permitted on Fiverr. I suggest whatever it is you’re doing you change it up drastically.

As far as I know, you are not allowed to have 2 accounts. Not sure tho, you can check it out. I don’t know what to tell you about scam user experience.

It’s against TOS to have two accounts. I’m surprised both of your accounts haven’t been banned, honestly.

And CS will never disclose whether someone you report gets in trouble or not.

Well, getting 6 warnings, you might s have hell clients all the time.
But if I’m being serious a lot of us have accounts for years on fiverr and never got any warnings. I personally reported buyers and never got in trouble because I didn’t do anything wrong.

Secondly, you were not allowed to open second account after your first one was blocked which is clearly written in fiverr rules. So obviously you didn’t read those rules if you are so surprised about the fact your accounts were banned.

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