Account blocked without any reason


my account is blocked and Fiverr support center just sent me an email that our risk management team has blocked your account due to security reason and it will not be resumed. And when I asked why they blocked me, they are saying we cannot tell because of privacy reasons. I do not understand, they blocked my account, they know the reason and I don’t, what is my privacy with me??? and when I asked them this question they are not responding. Can any friend or Fiverr guy help me, I spent 2 years to establish my account, I had 520+ review with mostly 5 stars :frowning:


I wish I could tell you the answer but probably no one here knows the reason.


But the point is they must tell the reason of blocking me


If you give me $5 I will tell you why…


I will give you $100 if you can tell me a valid reason and get it unblocked


Have you violated any rules?




No as far as I know, most probably they block due to multiple accounts, bad behavior or fraud with buyers or asking for direct payment, but I am sure I did not performed any of those actions


Do you know you have half experience than me on fiverr :innocent:


Ok maybe…


Btw what was the reason you were going to tell me :slight_smile: @djgodknows


hey @hamzaasad you are the second person from the graphics and design category who got his account blocked today, “for no apparent reason”.

Is there any chance, that this may have something to do with someone reporting you for copyright infringement ?

I noticed a trend, no insider information.


But my account was blocked about a week ago, and also I did not violated any copy right rule, but how do you know I am from graphics and design category


And also SEO.

Because we know things that you don’t.


my friend was also blocked one week before me and Fiverr also did not tell him the reason but he believe they blocked us because of our nationality as we are from Pakistan, but I do not believe so


Is that you in the photo?


Hm, if not your gigs, any of these? (Not from ToS but from Trust and Safety Policy, which I suppose they might act on as well, if they choose so.)


Make sure your current location is accurately listed.

Usage of VPN or proxy services to misrepresent your location may result in the suspension of your account.

Profile Image

Your profile image should be unique and real. Avoid using images from the web; you should not use copyrighted images.

Education and Certifications

You should add only the degrees and certifications you’ve earned. Make sure you are able to present them to the Fiverr Team (Marketplace Integrity/Editorial/Support) if asked.


Add your own portfolio links/images, and use only materials that were created by you, with permission from clients and buyers.


Pakistan is one of the top countries who use fiverr so they are not going to block the entire nation of Pakistan.


No, but this is not copy right voilation


Using someone else’s work without purchasing the license is a copyright violation, unless it’s specifically stated that it’s free to use for commercial purposes, and without attribution.