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Account Closed Because Buyer Bought

I created my Fiverr account (not this account, obviously) sometime in March this year. It initially moved slowly and sales were hard to come by. By May, I took a temporary break as the Fiverr experiment seemed to be failing.

But I got a break in late July when after a few small sales I got a sizeable order through a referral from a friend who sells on the platform too. The client came back a few more times after that and, I believe, would have come some more in the future. My account began to thrive since then, and I thought this experiment might be successful after all…

Early this month, I made some attempt at marketing while also using the Buyer Request Feature (it’s been the only source of my clientele until the referral), and my gig seemed to get some much needed exposure for the first time in this journey. As a result, I got a few direct clients devoid of the BR tool.

Among those clients was a guy who wouldn’t stop ordering one of my gigs. He bought the highest package on the gig ($50) and before I could get the work done, he bought it again. I simply assumed he was taken by my gig description and in dire need of my services so I got down to work. Within the next one week, he bought this $50 package about 4 more times, often in quick succession. He also made contact once and got a custom $200 order.

A few hours after his last quickfire double order, Fiverr shutdown my account. Their reason? “Unusual purchasing activity”.

Like, it doesn’t even make any sense. They say they’ve reviewed my account and found unusual purchasing activity aimed at gaming the rating system but won’t tell me what this ‘unusual purchasing activity’ is. All I know is that I’ve been shut out of the Fiverr platform cos a buyer was so pleased with my service he couldn’t keep himself from buying.

I don’t understand. Isn’t the purpose of creating a Fiverr account making sales? Why would a buyer purchasing my service become a problem for me? He bought the highest priced package on the gig, got a custom order 4 times that amount, bought the highest package some more, and left some glowing reviews for the job I completed. How’s that a problem!?

The worst part is that Fiverr won’t tell me which purchase(s) constituted ‘unusual purchasing activity’. They won’t say why they believe that purchase(s) triggered their system and what they saw that made them decide it was manipulative on my end (they claim to have manually reviewed my profile before coming to this decision).

I’m really shook and confused. The CS agent simply tells me if I open any other account it will be immediately shutdown. I don’t know what to say. Why does Fiverr detest my success on the platform this much? They’ve made their decision and they simply wave the ToS in my face to shut me up. No explanation, no nothing. Just a vague ‘you violated ToS with unusual purchasing activity made to manipulate the review/rating system’. If I had all of that money to make those purchases, why would I be hustling on Fiverr?

I’m disappointed to say the least. Sorry for the lengthy (and, I guess, repetitive) read. Any suggestions on how to get the attention of the higher-ups here will be appreciated.


To be fair, this does look extremely suspicious though.
It could even be a form of money laundering, which I presume is what they thought.

Fiverr employs a professional third party company who monitor transactions and flag those that may be fraud/criminal activity given a certain set of parameters. This isn’t just a Fiverr thing and when your activity causes a few alarm bells to go off they have to give a warning.

It’s likely Fiverr are not even aware of what the specific issue seemed to be - they likely just get a message saying something like “too many red flags” and they just shut it down.

If you are a genuine casualty of this necessary process you have my sympathy but the blame lies on those who make such a system necessary, not Fiverr.


I understand your point, but the onus now lies with Fiverr to take a look at my account before taking such strong action. The buyer’s in Switzerland - according to their profile. I’m in Nigeria. I never knew him until about one Sunday ago when he made his first purchase.

I think the better action here, if your suspicion rings true, would be to close the buyer’s account and leave me be. What’s my fault?

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That is very strange. We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Only Customer Support can help you with this.


Hello @emilia_rain

I understand where you’re coming from. It’s very sad to know about your situation. They whoever shut you down know their protocols and have done so with their experiences.

They should have communicated with you and the buyer before concluding.

All I can give you is my sympathy.

Good luck :+1:


Contacted CS. They kept repeating ‘unusual purchasing activity’ over and over again without going into specifics or providing any explanation. When I kept demanding specifics, the agent provided me a list of our entire conversation and refused to provide any more response.

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I’d agree with you in a way but I’m just not sure how much investigating would be necessary or if it would be possible to prove you were innocent. Especially for a new account.
How much would they spend trying to find out the truth? That’s what I mean by an unfortunate casualty - u haven’t done anything wrong but are suffering the consequences.


They could at least question me? They could shut down the buyer’s account and see if something similar repeats itself? They could check the other transactions on the account if anything similar had occurred before, or is currently occurring?

There’s literally no limit to how many times a buyer can order your gig on Fiverr. None. They set it that way. Why penalize me now for it?

Thanks for your contribution, though, I realize you aren’t Fiverr. I guess I’ll open another ticket with support to request for answers. Short of that, I’m lost. I had plans and all. Spent all of my last penny cos something good was meant to clear before the 3rd of next month. With one message they brought it all crashing down. This is sad and unacceptable.


Hello, sorry this happened to you. I think it is very unusual purchasing activity, not to say it’s a criminal attempt at anything. I would have cancelled the subsequent orders quickly from that guy. I’ve never had the type of purchasing activity you are describing even though I have lots of repeat buyers.
This week I had someone wishing to buy the same gig he had gotten three days earlier and I told him no. No idea why he wanted to do that. I put a stop to things that are too far out of the ordinary.


Thanks @misscrystal

I guess it’s all down to the type of service offered. I offered writing services and that particular gig was capped at $50 for 1500 words. All of the purchases he made were within that range of word count. When he needed up to 6,000 words for a single content, he established contact and I provided him with a custom offer.

Besides, does anyone not think it’ll be cheaper for us both to use fairly large custom orders staggered over a period of time if we were both in on criminal activity? It’s less suspicious and it’s cheaper, I guess, on the service charge.

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Apparently fiverr didn’t see it that way.


There’s an option called “limit orders in queue”. The only other way to stop a buyer ordering is to block them or pause the gig/go out of office.


I had a customer a few months ago who was buying my $80 gigs in quick succession. In total i must have done about 10 or so orders in a very short time-span. My account wasn’t affected in any way.

when the orders were placed were you having detailed discussions on each order?

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or maybe just check in with CS so at least they are aware


In my case there wasn’t any reason for him to buy the same gig again so fast. Others might have a valid reason.

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I think I see the issue. It does look fraudulent because there is no way you would be able to write that much for all these orders in the time frame for all these deadlines. No way, unless it’s very poor quality and plagiarized. It’s strange to accept work that you actually can’t do on time. That does look suspicious, on top of the suspicious buying activity.

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If you’re doing big orders like that, the responsible thing to do would be to limit how many orders you have in the queue or use the resolution center to extend delivery times with the buyer or cancel some of the orders. Then it wouldn’t look nearly so suspicious.

It’s irresponsible to enable and accept more high-volume jobs than you can possibly do in the deadline time frame. That does look very suspicious indeed.


Thanks for your input, but you’re totally out of line here.

That gig was for 1500 words to be delivered in 2 days. On my best day, I can write up to 4-5000 words. Of course, there will be breaks, rests and plays in between to keep my brain fresh and help me re-focus, but that’s besides the point. Point is, 1,500 words in 2 days is beyond achievable. It wasn’t my only order at the time but I was able to keep up.

Yes, I did miss the deadline once by about an hour or so, but since when does fiverr close accounts for missing a few deadlines? Some sellers have as low as a 20% on-time delivery rate and all Fiverr does is demote them or leave them at the new seller rank. This just doesn’t count.

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Exactly! It shouldn’t trigger any problems from what I know. And, yes, we did have discussions on each of the orders. Some more detailed than others, because his instructions weren’t always hazy.

That doesn’t limit how many times 1 person could buy, though. It only limits how many orders you could have from everyone (which could very well be just one person) at a time.

BTW, why would I block him when his orders are all different and within the scope of my services?