Account closed for no reason


I had to start a new account today and I am (was) a level 2 seller of music gigs through fiverr going on two years now. I recently woke up yesterday morning to two emails stating both my level two badge and level one badge were taken away and ultimately my accound was disabled. Shocked because I had never had any issues with my account before I was able to submit a ticket to finsd out what was going on. About an hour later I recieved this reply from a “Kevin” stating :

"Our system has brought to our attention irregular activity originating from your electronic location. After further review, we noticed that you have abusing the referral program by spamming users, so we’ve permanently disabled your account for violations of our Terms of Service"

I could see if I had multiple accounts or shared personal info to buyers but this is not the case, and the spamming issue floored me because the only way I ever shared my gig was on my twitter page at the most once a month but just sharing my link not tagging anyone and using a link given to me BY FIVERR! The issue I have is as a company I have been in good standing with you since I started if anything you send us all kind of messeges with updates all the time how about a friendly heads up instead of just an abrupt closing of my account. I didn’t have too much in my bank luckily that had been transfered the week before and its not about the money for me I produce and ghostwrite for artist professionally so the money though it is very good, it is a fraction of what I usually make but I truly enjoy the interaction I get with my buyers and that’s what makes me angry is I had 10 gigs due soon and I won’t be able to complete my gigs at all the way that it’s looking

Has anyone been able to get there account reactivated through fiverr? If so could you share some insite



I am sorry to hear that. Did you have a second account maybe? Did you contact buyers directly?


Reply to @sincere18: thanks


I am wondering about this link that you were using. Was it meant to be an ongoing link? When did you get that link, are you saying you have been posting an ad on twitter for a year with the same referral link?

And was it possible that anyone else shared that link?


Reply to @annai80: No i didnt have a second account at all and buyers never contacted me directly if anyone even made the suggestion I always stated it had to be done thru fiverr channels and now I’m still getting warning emails about my gigs are late which means its still active in a way I just have no access to it and they don’t explain anything to the buyers of these gigs so it just looks like I flaked on their orders it just pisses me off


Reply to @sincere18: as I understand they was sharing a Fiverr link, either their account link or their gig link. And I don’t think this or posting an ad on twitter is the problem. If anything, by advertise their service here they’re also advertise Fiverr, for free!


Reply to @sincere18: Think link was sjust one on fiverr claiming share you gig and when you clicked on it it brought up Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites each time that I did share it, I always followed this same process to get a link from fiverr because I was using the mobile version as well there was a share your gig option to clearly do just that but in no way was I spamming anyone I see it enough on my social feeds already from various people to know I didn’tt want to carry myself the same with promoting my gigs

As far if someone shared my link that I don’t know for certain but that is a possiblity


Reply to @cardiacmusic: That is odd if it’s just a link that is from within your Fiverr account, it doesn’t make sense?

Did you write back to Fivver, just a polite note saying, that the only link you have shared is the one from inside your page on twitter once per month and that is what I thought it was for. Do you think it’s possibly that an outside person could have hacked my account to spam links?..kind of note and see what next response you get?


Reply to @sincere18: Yes I have replied not exactly those words to be honest because I was upset at the whole ordeal it wasnt brutal or even mean but I expressed what I was feeling at the time but yeah taking a different approach is what I’ll try and see if I can get any positive results


Reply to @cardiacmusic: Ah, expressing what you are “feeling” in business can always lead to a little trouble. Always best to try and be professional even if the other party isn’t. Try again and see what happens. Good luck.


Reply to @cardiacmusic: Please post any updates if you can, and good luck! :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: well at the moment I am just waiting on a responce I did resend them a better messege so I’m hoping that can at least get me somewhere but I definately will share the process


I’d hate to wake up and find my account disabled without warning and no clear understanding of why. I hope you get this resolved one way or another!