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Account Closed for TOS warning


I got an email from Fiverr almost month ago stating I have violated fiverr TOS and my account will be restricted until Trust and safety team takes a look into my account.

  • I was totally confused as there was no reason or follow up from fiverr after that. So I took the matter to customer service. Had a terrible experience with them- after days of back and forth messages, they finally informed last week that the Trust and Safety team has looked into my account and they decided to close my account.
  • The reason stated is ‘asking for your buyer to leave feedback.’ This is a ridiculous reason to close an account that has completed more than 150 orders in the last 2.5 years with 5 star rating.
  • “. and if you are happy with the work I just delivered please consider leaving a review on my profile. Appreciate it much!””
    This is the sentence I have been using with every order I deliver for the past 2.5 years. There was no issue until now. Please note that I am not asking for a positive review or any particular rating - which I know is a violation of TOS. I am just using a courteous sentence any customer-centric service would ask at end of providing a service.
  • I tried to inform the same to customer service and kindly provide at least one instance where I asked for a positive/particular review. Instead of addressing my concern they just closed the ticket without any reply twice. I have reopened the ticket again.
  • Customer service is really biased towards sellers and they are not ready to listen to what sellers have to say. They do not even have the courtesy to reply - even after multiple follow-ups. It has been almost one month- the issue is not properly addressed until now. My account generates around $400 a month- its a loss for me and Fiverr.

Its high time rating system is introduced for the ticket serviced by customer service- so that they take issues seriously. Right now they just behave the way they want as no one is measuring the quality of service they offer.
What should I do now?


This is not ridiculous at all. Fiverr has a rule about not asking buyers to leave feedback. Feedback and reviews are 100% voluntary. If a buyer chooses to leave you a review, that’s great. If not, move on to the next order. You, as a seller, are not entitled to reviews – and certainly not reviews according to your preference.

It would appear that CS does not have anything new to tell you. Why are you continuing to harass them for a different answer?

You may feel this way, but that does not mean it is true. I have worked with CS on many occassions, and they are very helpful to those who are considerate, respectful, and listen to what they have to say.

Just because CS does not respond the way you want them to, does not mean that they are not taking your concerns seriously. Do you know what’s happening behind the scenes with them? Do you know what discussions they might be having about your concerns? CS is not entitled to tell you anything more than they know, or that they feel you need to know.

I’m sorry to hear that your account was closed, however, it does sound like you were not treating them respectfully. That isn’t likely to help you find resolution. They told you that you that they took the time to assess your infractions, and, after doing so, they still felt that your situation warranted a closed account.

Indeed. And Fiverr is no doubt aware of this. They, however, appear to have decided that closing your account (because you WERE asking for reviews), is preferable to the revenue you brought them. They don’t like losing revenue either, but it would appear that your situation required them to do so.

Perhaps you can ask CS if they will be willing to allow you to open a new account, so long as you no longer ask for reviews.


100% agree that there should be a way to rate support agents.


And what purpose or function would rating the person who is trying to help you achieve? You are working on Fiverr’s site, therefore, you have agreed to follow their rules. Giving a support agent a poor “review” just because you don’t like them telling you that you broke the site rules, doesn’t seem to achieve anything productive.


On what grounds? They are upholding policy. That’s their job. Just because you don’t like it or you think it’s harsh, doesn’t mean it is.

Rating someone to try to hurt their standing in their job because you didn’t like the outcome is tantamount to blackmail and cohersion. That’s exactly what we Fiverr sellers complain about buyers doing to us.


Why not? If you work on a company you can be availed by persons that use their services. Every seller pays 20% for fiverr. We are not working for free here


Do you think the statement I used violates the TOS?

I am not asking for any particular review. I am not forcing anyone as well. Do you think a courteous statement like above deserves the account to be closed?

FYI, I behaved very professionally with customer service.


If you don’t do well your job what a Company should do? It is not vengeance, It is a way to see If you are doing your work properly. It will not be only 1 person that will rate it.


Can any one quote TOS that barres sellers not ask for feedback? I could not find it.


Again, like I said, reviewing a CS agent because you don’t like what they tell you is pointless, and completely unproductive. You agreed to the terms when you chose to work here. Fiverr owns this site, and entitled to uphold their rules, whether you like those rules or not.


Again, the reviews should be from many users. Not by only 1.


I think you have got multiple warnings for this and your account has been disabled.


And about this thread: banning a seller because he just asked for a buyer rate his order seems pretty ridiculous. If of course this was the only reason.


They were doing well at their job. This rep wasn’t acting on his or her own free will. She was enforcing policy. That’s his/her job.


May be it happened multiple times…And If fiverr warned multiple times then I think this is not ridiculous.


Well, If that was the case then I agree with you.


Yes, I most certainly do believe it violates Fiverr’s rules… because it most certainly does.

Fiverr Trust & Safety assessed your situation, and appears to believe it does.

I question that claim, based upon what you wrote. But in the end, it’s not my opinion that matters. Trust & Safety has the final word on this issue, and they have told you what their decision is. Like I said, perhaps, if you ask, they might be willing to allow you to open a new account, so long as you don’t break the rules with that one as well. I’m just saying… you can ask, but they have the final word.


Actually I have also got a warning for this … And after that I am not asking any buyer for review … When I deliver my work I think I am delivering to fiverr and fiverr will give that to the buyer . And I can not ask fiverr for review …That is the blind review system…


What do you think about the agent closing the op ticket without even replying?


This is in the Fiverr Policy section:

Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.

It is against Fiverr’s policies for sellers to solicit feedback from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.

The only place in the TOS that mentions the feedback policy is, I think:

Users are to refrain from spamming or soliciting previous Buyers or Sellers to pursue removing/modifying reviews or cancelling orders that do not align on Order Cancellation or Feedback policies.

Saying “and if you are happy with the work I just delivered please consider leaving a review on my profile”, might seem like you are suggesting to the buyer that they only review if they are happy with the work (ie. that the review would be positive). It seems these days it’s best not to mention reviews at all to the buyer, and if you want to you can mention that they can ask for changes if required instead.

I don’t think you should have been warned/banned for using that phrase, which was okay for so long and they should make it clearer what they new rules are in the TOS etc. I think.